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Songwriting Workshops

for songwriting circles/clubs - Festivals - Post 16 education

  • "No one hums a chord sequence"
  • "Write a song in 2 hours"
  • "No rules - just facts and tools"
  • "How collaboration affects your craft"
  • "The songwriter's starter kit"
  • "Practical songwriters revision toolkit "
  • "Mind-mapping your 3 minute story"

Songwriting workshop topics delivered:

"No Rules - Just Facts and Tools"

  example workshop deliverables

  • Learn 21 music and composition facts
  • Receive 21 really useful songwriting tools
  • Get to collaborate
  • Develop brand new skills
  • Create song titles out of 'thin air'
  • Speed up your process considerably
  • Create your song story in 20 minutes

Workshop for the 'Bristol Acoustic Festival' at Colston Hall

"No one hums a chord sequence"

  example workshop deliverables

  • Explore the tools available to a songwriter
  • Creating a story around a title
  • How to prepare for collaboration
  • Putting up song signposts
  • How to get you audience to sing along before the end of a song
  • Structure vs arrangements
  • Placing songs with artists

Workshop for the 'Brisfest' festival held at Ashton Court Mansion

In particular, Jason has been running songwriting workshops for many years for all types of songwriting and recording enthusiasts.
From 1:2:1 mentoring as part of the South West Music School, assistant teaching at GCSE level and post 16 tutoring, workshops at music festivals and group songwriting circle events.
If you are in an organisation, college or club that are looking for a professional, insightful, fact and fun filled songwriting 'masterclass' workshop, then you need look no further.
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