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It's all about the music!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 1

Does your song need help with the music ?
You may be a lyricist who wants someone to put music to your storytelling or poem and of course we can do that. However, the above question might sound a bit odd if you've already come up with some chords and a possible melody, so how could we help here? First of all, it's always good to get a second pair of ears on a tune and get some feedback and we would also ponder a few other questions when considering music...
  • Is your chord sequence based on a progression that is suited to your genre?

  • Have you managed to change key for dynamic effect and come back to the original key?

  • Has your bridge or middle 8 used the conventional 4th or does it need something else to change the direction of the mood?

  • Do the intervals in your melody create the right emotion or tension to reflect the lyric?

  • Have you created standard 3rd and 5th harmonies or does your song need something a little different?

  • Can an audience sing along with the chorus after only hearing it once?

If your song needs help with the music, give us a call.
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