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Customer feedback

Here's what our customers say about us...

"Jason at The Song Diner, is awesome.. There aren't any better words for it. Working with him is so easy, he's exceptionally knowledgeable and also really receptive. He takes ideas and interest and really help translate and communicate what you hear in your head! He's a legend. I've worked on 6-7 tracks with Jason in a writing exercise and every time we smashed it. I cannot recommend him enough.."

Tom Pepper - The Lost Wolves - on co-writing 6 tracks for forthcoming EP/Album

"I cannot rate Jason highly enough for his professionalism and commitment. He has worked on many music projects and is an accomplished songwriter and producer. In the past two years Jason has been the producer of my unique music project - a concept album on the subject of World War One entitled The Imperial Plan. Always open to my ideas Jason has input greatly to the process. His commitment led to him writing an additional track which is outstanding and has been included on the album. Given his experience and the diversity of the work he has been involved in, I can state without hesitation that the finished project is of a far higher standard than I could ever have hoped for. I recommend him unreservedly; both as a producer and as a contributor. "

Mike Isaacs - The Fable -  On producing 15 tracks for 'The Imperial Plan'

"Jason really helped me discover some realities of the music business as well as the recording process and has helped me grow as a musician. Through the gradual process of writing and recording my first EP with him, I learnt a great deal; how to use help when its given, techniques for writing and recording and how the whole process fits together. I've come out of my work with him to receive four very high quality tracks that still hold true to what I had envisioned, but that also have a feeling of continuity created by Jason's mixing that holds them all together. Very pleasant to work with and is easy going with regards to regularity of sessions which helped me whilst doing A levels!"

Sam Carey -  On producing/arranging 4 tracks for debut EP 'MIND SET'

"I have just had the pleasure of working for the first time with The Song Diner on a song demo. As I don't play an instrument or write music myself I was amazed at how Jason took the very basic idea I had and turned it into a wonderful sound. From the very start I was informed how the song was developing and was always asked for feedback along the way. I could not have been happier with the end result and really looking forward to working with Jason and The Song Diner again. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to develop their ideas and create great sounding songs."

Dean Andrews -  On co-writing/arranging/producing 'Liberate My Soul'

"Jason is a highly skilled songwriter, musician and producer. He always challenges you to explore new ideas as well as fully supporting your own. Jason has enabled me to further my skills and make specific, meaningful choices when it comes to writing music. He is friendly, fun and always professional. Jason is so clearly passionate about this work; and it shows as he goes above and beyond to produce high quality material and recordings. It is always a pleasure to work together and I look forward to our meetings very much."

Tamsin Kennard -  On co-writing 10 track album 'Dropped From The Sky'

"I am speechless, totally speechless. This song you wrote for me is the most beautiful song ever. It is perfect for my vocal range and the words speak to me. The arrangement is just unbelievably good and the piano and guitar are so beautiful. Please tell everybody involved in the making of the song - thank you. "

Lee-Zette -  On commissioning us to write a song 'So Much It Hurts'

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