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It's all about the song!

The process from i-deas to i-tunes

  • First of all, have you gone through the above 4 topics and nailed them all?

  • If you're in a band, have you rehearsed the songs so much that you can record them in 1 take with no overdubs?

  • Perhaps you've recorded some instruments or samples already using music software and now need vocals recorded. Not a problem!

  • Basically, now is not the time to start writing a bass line or finish off some lyrics - that costs you money!

  •'re looking for a recording studio environment to inspire your writing process...Let's talk!

Need help with music
Does your song need help with the music ?

You may be a lyricist who wants someone to put music to your storytelling or poem and of course we can do that. However, this heading might sound a bit odd if you've already come up with some chords and a possible melody, so how could we help here? Well first of all, it's always good to get a second pair of ears on a tune and get some feedback and because of our experience we would also ponder a few other questions about the music that you may not have thought of...

  • Is your chord sequence based on a progression that is suited to your genre and does it matter?

  • Have you managed to change key for dynamic effect and come back to the original key?

  • Has your bridge or middle 8 used the conventional 4th or does it need something else to change the direction of the mood?

  • Do the intervals in your melody create the right emotion or tension to reflect the lyric?

  • Have you created standard 3rd and 5th harmonies or does your song need something a little different?

  • Can an audience sing along with the chorus after only hearing it once?

Need help with lyrics
Does your song need help with lyrics ?

All the most successful songwriting partnerships share the load between music and lyrics; Leiber and Stoller, John and Taupin, Bacharach and David, Morrissey and Marr, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lloyd-Webber and Rice, the list goes on. As with music, writing lyrics for any given genre also poses a few questions that should be considered...

  • Have you started with a title in mind, and if not, why would this be important?

  • Are you writing the lyric from your own experience or are you commenting from an observed perspective?

  • Does the narrative within the lyric observe the basic flow of a standard story/novel ?

  • Are the structural and/or rhyming patterns consistent across the verses to allow the listener easy access?

  • Is the language, grammar, tone of voice or even subject matter appropriate or relevant to the audience?

  • Have you created enough intrigue and questions in your verse to create a satisfactory 'pay-off' in the chorus?

You may have a song that is complete with music and lyrical content and you may be heading to a studio to get it recorded. It's got some great musical hooks, a strong beat and a catchy chorus (if that's what you're going for!) but is that all you need to consider? The structure of a song is a vital element to think about when making sure the right elements are being delivered to the listener at the right time. 

Does your song need help with structure ?
  • Whole songs can have genre specific structures as much as the lyrics within them, so is your structure appropriate for your genre?

  • Are you absolutely sure the tempo of your song is the perfect speed; have you tried it slower or faster?

  • Does the chorus or middle 8 or solo come in at the 'right' time or could they be moved around for better effect?

  • Are you straight in with a verse or should you consider an intro that highlights things to come and how long should that be?

  • Have you considered how the relationship between the verse and chorus 'bar counts' can help or hinder the listening flow?

  • Does your structure allow for building the moods you want the listener to feel within the length of your track? 

Need help with structre

Not a topic that often comes up in conversation, but something that we feel should be considered just as much as any other. Usually associated with orchestras and 'orchestral arrangements' but put simply "are the right instruments playing the right notes at the right time?"

Is your song ready to be recorded ?
  • If you're a 3 piece band then of course you've got the instruments sorted, but how are you creating enough dynamics across a whole set?

  • Are you considering harmonies, where and when is the best places to use them in a song and to what effect?

  • You maybe a guitarist but have you objectively considered that your song may be improved if played by a different instrument?

  • Something as simple as choosing the songs's key can affect the whole feel of a song

  • If you have the luxury, then experimentation on unfamiliar instruments, sounds and samples can all help create a song's originality

  • Adding, transposing, repeating hooks, motifs, rhythms notes or phrases can all be used to help the song's arrangement

Need help with recording

That might sound like another strange question but please stay with me for a second...This is actually a question we ask to simply make the most of your recording budget because we have seen so many bands and artists waste so much money in a studio because they weren't quite as 'ready' as they thought the were.

Does your song need help from a producer ?
need a producer

This question may be last on this page but it could just as easily be the first question and it's hard to suggest at what point you may or may not benefit from working with a producer. A producer's job is to realise your vision and can cover all the topics above and many more musical insights to bring your songs to life. These days a producer is regarded as many things and can certainly be elevated to positions higher than the artist they may be working with. At The Song Diner, we're here to get the job done and have no such lofty aspirations. Under the banner of 'producer' we cover writing, arranging, engineering, recording and pre-mixing.

Mixing - We get a song produced to a point suitable for broadcast but also rely on other specialists to post mix for CD release 

Mastering - The last piece in the puzzle, where again, we send our mixes off or sit with local mastering specialists

Publishing - We can also digitally distribute your songs to the usual platforms of i-tunes, Amazon and Spofity etc and if you need                                  help with physical copies we can help with that as well

Does your song need help with arranging ?
Need help with arranging
You're in a band or you're a solo musician and you've got song ideas that may need help with a stronger chorus, some lyrical input or the bridge isn't quite doing it for you! Perhaps your songs simply need recording and you're looking for a producer to bring them to life, get some input on arrangement or structure and ultimately get your fans playing them. The Song Diner covers all the ingredients you'll need to fine tune your ideas, so how can we help?
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