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It's all about the structure!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 3

Does your song need help with structure ?
You may have a song that is complete with music and lyrical content and you may be heading to a studio to get it recorded. It's got some great musical hooks, a strong beat and a catchy chorus (if that's what you're going for!) but is that all you need to consider? The structure of a song is a vital element to think about when making sure the right elements are being delivered to the listener at the right time. 
  • Whole songs can have genre specific structures as much as the lyrics, so is your structure appropriate for your genre?

  • Are you absolutely sure the tempo of your song is the perfect speed; have you tried it slower or faster?

  • Does the chorus or middle 8 or solo come in at the 'right' time or could they be moved around for better effect?

  • Are you straight in with a verse or should you consider an intro that highlights things to come and how long should that be?

  • Have you considered how the relationship between the verse and chorus 'bar counts' can help or hinder the listening flow?

  • Does your structure allow for building the moods you want the listener to feel within the length of your track? 

If your song needs help with the structure, give us a call.
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