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EP Projects

At the time, Lindsey's manager found us via our website and was looking for a 'decent' team of writers to launch her musical career as they hadn't had success with previous writers! We were so glad we were approached, as working with Lindsey has been such a privilege as she has such a refreshingly different approach to lyrics and really knows what she wants to hear with a detailed approach in production.

Jason teamed up with an artist development project called BMUZE in 2015 where among 6 artists, Rishi was the artist chosen to produce an 5 track EP for after an 18 month development programme. The songs came out of the workshops carried out by Jason over the programme and was recorded and produced here at The Song Diner. Drums were recorded at '13 Studios' W-s-M and mastered at 'Attic Attack'

Sam Carey came to us via the 'South West Music School' mentoring scheme which Jason was acting as a mentor for. First of all we organised 8 weeks of songwriting workshops for Sam to develop his ideas and then we moved on to another 10 more recording sessions to encompass learning about arranging, engineering, production and mixing techniques. The EP 'MINDSET' is the result of the mentoring course.

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