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The Song Diner Team

How it all started

Songwriting teams are clearly nothing new and we are humbled to follow in the hallowed tradition of 'The Brill Building', 'Motown', 'RAK', 'SAW', 'The Matrix', 'Xenomania' and many more. Our passion to collaborate and write songs with or for you or your band is something we've been doing since 2008 for many satisfied musicians and artists. Success in the 'music business' is dependent on so many things beyond your control but the one thing that is undeniable, you've got nothing if you haven't got the song.

The concept of ‘The Song Diner’ was always a dream of Jason’s after years of writing score for the film, broadcast and corporate worlds. Initially urged on by the success of winning a PRS song writing competition in 2003. Part of the prize was attending a songwriting workshop hosted by

Boo Hewerdine. This inspirational workshop convinced Jason to concentrate on honing his song writing craft and soon formed a world percussion ensemble with Simon Carver and both collaboated on a musical which premiered (for one night!) at Bristol’s Colston hall in 2006. The show led to Jason writing an album for Leiza Alpass and has continued to co-write with another of the shows singers - John Telfer. Two of Jason and John’s songs were recently selected for the official CD of the MIDEM festival in Cannes. In 2011 the team put their heads together to write a track for the UK Songwriting competition and promptly won it!

Jason Flinter - Writer, producer, electric, acoustic and bass guitarist.

I’ve been singing and writing with Jason Flinter since 2003 and now we have 3 albums under our belts with 'A Slow Boat', 'It Is Written' and 'There Is Only Now' and I suspect a fourth one on its way by the end of 2017. I am grateful for the opportunity to be creative and I love to write about life’s journey of self discovery and the songs that we write together tend to be a little bit ‘spiritual’ in nature. My musical influences are eclectic. I have recently been listening to Phil King, a Bristol-based singer-songwriter who writes from the heart too. By day, I reclaim my professional persona of chiropractor, I feel blessed to be doing this work, simply helping others feel healthier and happier. What could be better? As my personal journey continues I feel a strong pull towards the personal development side of things – not sure what’s around the next corner. Just living in the now for now, loving what I do and doing what I love. Leiza x

Leiza Alpass - Writer, singer, lyricist, guitar and ukulele (are coming on nicely).

I was a regular presenter of Let's Pretend, an ITV kiddies' show, and a cock-up from one of those has been a regular item on 'TV's Naughtiest Blunders' I did both series of Without Motive an ill-starred Ross Kemp (who?) vehicle, and have done extensive work in theatre and radio. I got a degree in Music Theatre from York Uni. I also led the (some say) legendary York soul band "Expensive". We foresaw many albums in the vein of FAR TOO and REALLY - you get the idea! I ended up going to The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for two years before joining the Old Vic company. Encountered Jason Flinter doing a voiceover for 'BUBB and LES', sang in 'Spirit of the Drum' and have now been collaborating since 2006.

Other collaborations are with good friends Alec Reid and David James, which have both led to our songs being represented at MIDEM.

John Telfer - Writer, singer, arranger, keyboard player, actor and voiceover artist.

Our expanded team of fellow collaborators also include:

Jaime Stewart

Jaime is a well established actor, voiceover artist , author and poet, which is why he is so crucial as a partner to the The Song Diner. Jaime has also toured his own one man show 'My Grandfather's Great War' to great reviews and a 'best solo nominee' award.

Charles Hodson

For even more creativity with words we have also had the pleasure of working with Charles who is currently living in Spain to further his career as a freelance writer and journalist.

Jon Basker

Jon is one of Bristol's enthusiastic entrepreneurs heavily involved in the music and business scenes notably with his Music Management company, Audio Bay, and his Music App business, 'Locatune', and a great song collaborator to boot.

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