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It's all about the recording!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 5

Is your song ready to be recorded ?
That might sound like another strange question but please stay with me for a second...This is actually a question we ask to simply make the most of your recording budget because we have seen so many bands and artists waste so much money in a studio because they weren't quite as 'ready' as they thought the were.
  • First of all, have you gone through the above 4 topics and nailed them all?

  • If you're in a band, have you rehearsed the songs so much that you can record them in 1 take with no overdubs?

  • Perhaps you've recorded some instruments or samples already using music software and now need vocals recorded. Not a problem!

  • Basically, now is not the time to start writing a bass line or finish off some lyrics - that costs you money!

  •'re looking for a recording studio environment to inspire your writing process...Let's talk!

If your song needs help with recording, give us a call.
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