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It's all about the lyrics!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 2

Does your song need help with the lyrics ?
All the most successful songwriting partnerships share the load between music and lyrics; Leiber and Stoller, John and Taupin, Bacharach and David, Morrissey and Marr, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lloyd-Webber and Rice, the list goes on. As with music, writing lyrics for any given genre also poses a few questions that should be considered...
  • Have you started with a title in mind, and if not, why would this be important?

  • Are you writing the lyric from your own experience or are you commenting from an observed perspective?

  • Does the narrative within the lyric observe the basic flow of a standard story/novel ?

  • Are the structural and/or rhyming patterns consistent across the verses to allow the listener easy access?

  • Is the language, grammar, tone of voice or even subject matter appropriate or relevant to the audience?

  • Have you created enough intrigue and questions in your verse to create a satisfactory 'pay-off' in the chorus?

If your song needs help with the lyrics, give us a call.
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