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It's all about the arrangements!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 4

Does your song need help with arranging ?
Not a topic that often comes up in conversation, but something that we feel should be considered just as much as any other. Usually associated with orchestras and 'orchestral arrangements' but put simply "are the right instruments playing the right notes at the right time?"
  • If you're a 3 piece band then of course you've got the instruments sorted, but how are you creating dynamics across a whole set?

  • Are you considering harmonies, where and when is the best places to use them in a song and to what effect?

  • You maybe a guitarist but have you considered objectively that your song may be improved if played by a different instrument?

  • Something as simple as choosing the songs's key can affect the whole feel of a song

  • If you have the luxury, then experimentation on unfamiliar instruments, sounds and samples can all help create a song's originality

  • Adding, transposing, repeating hooks, motifs, rhythms notes or phrases can all be used to help the song's arrangement

If your song needs help with the arrangement, give us a call.
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