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Album Projects

We got to know Tamsyjo as a session singer for a track we were working on and then for a year or so we just 'jammed' for fun. Ideas and musical direction started taking shape and we thought we could produce an album for her. A lot of experimenting with genres which became very eclectic because of Tamsyjo's musical theatre background. A interesting lesson of 'let's see what happens' and this is what happened!

Mike Isaacs of 'The Fable' had most of the music and lyrics completed all on acoustic guitar. He needed a producer to make it 'EPIC' as this was a brave concept project that tackled the harsh realities of WW1 and we had to do the topic justice. A great deal of extra writing, arranging and and host of session musicians later, 'The Imperial Plan' is the most ambitious project we have taken on and one we are extremely proud of.

We met Steve Laffy of Rhythm Rising at a Musical Networking event as he was interested in collaborating with local writers as he was new to Bristol. Steve had plenty of musical and lyrical ideas written down in a folder and was looking for input on arrangements and structure and a few 'middle 8s'. We also ended up writing some new songs together as well. 11 tracks finally made the final album.

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