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It's all about the production!

From i-deas to i-tunes - part 6

Does your song need help from a producer ?

This question may be last on this page but it could just as easily be the first question and it's hard to suggest at what point you may or may not benefit from working with a producer. A producer's job is to realise your vision and can cover all the topics above and many more musical insights to bring your songs to life. These days a producer is regarded as many things and can certainly be elevated to positions higher than the artist they may be working with.

At The Song Diner, we're here to get the job done and have no such lofty aspirations. Under the banner of 'producer' we cover writing, arranging, engineering, recording and pre-mixing.

MixingWe get a song produced to a point suitable for broadcast but also rely on other specialists to post mix for CD release 

MasteringThe last piece in the puzzle, where again, we send our mixes off or sit with local mastering specialists

PublishingWe can also digitally distribute your songs to the usual platforms of i-tunes, Amazon and Spofity etc and if you need                                      help with physical copies we can help with that as well

If your song needs help with production, give us a call.
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