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Single Song Projects

On occasion we are commissioned to write or collaborate one off 'single song' projects for a variety of reasons ranging from charity singles to competition entries, commissioned songs for musicals or when extra tracks are needed for albums. Below are examples of a variety of songs we have written, collaborated on or produced. Click arrow to play and hover over image for description and video link.

'Deeds Not Words' - ft. Tammy Roylance

'Mother I Remember'- ft.  Julia Barela

'He Looks Like He's Given Up' - ft. John Telfer

'Sea Of Enrichment' - ft. James Hollingsworth

'Beat The Demons' - ft. Simon Kelly/B-Dee

'Holding Me Back' - ft. Guy Johnson

'Dust On My Boots'- ft. Tom Pepper

'Take The Wheel And Drive' - ft. Tamsyjo

'Danger Deep Water' - ft. John Telfer

'Old Friend'- ft. Leiza Alpass, of ALPAZ

'Lovers Of Life - ft. Dildar Singh of Zanjeer

'Act Of Bravery - ft. Lindsey Darling

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